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Patient responsibility is increasing. Are you keeping up?

Out-of-pocket healthcare costs are increasing at 60% annually and patients are more confused than ever about what their insurance will cover and their responsibility. Just sending statements and outbound calls during working hours are simply not enough anymore. Patient education needs to be at the forefront of your patient accounts receivable strategy.

Utilizing a patient billing clearinghouse educates, informs, and provide solutions to patients so they know why they owe and helps you get paid faster with an average of 40% more monthly revenue.  

Love your insurance billing clearinghouse?
You’ll love your patient billing clearinghouse. Even MORE.

Millennia Patient Services is the ONLY company that acts as a clearinghouse for your patient accounts receivables. We manage your entire patient accounts receivable with expert teams and innovative technology so healthcare providers can get back to what’s most important – caring for their patients.

Learn more about how a Patient Billing Clearinghouse helps both providers and patients combat high patient deductibles. 

Complete MPS Patient Billing Clearinghouse


 Satisfaction increases when patients know why they owe. We meet patients where they are with communication and education for every type of patient.

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Expert teams and innovative technology helps you accelerate patient payments, create efficiencies, and decrease expenses and workload to maximize revenue.

Seamless PMS IntegrationPatient Bill ScrubPatient StatementseStatements

Complete Patient A/R Package

Outbound Calls
For the Proactive Patient

Inbound Calls
For the Proactive Patient

Online Chat
For the Social Savvy Patient

For the Busy Patient

For the DIY Patient

Text Reminders
For the Forgetful Patient

Strengthen Patient Relationships

Patient satisfaction increases as we educate patients on why they owe a balance and we act as facilitators for billing and insurance questions and resolutions.

Eliminate Cash Flow Gaps

We manage the entire patient billing and patient A/R recovery process, so you don’t have to. Eliminate in-house patient billing and payment tasks.

Increase Your Overall Revenue

We consistently delivery six-to-seven figure revenue increases for our clients. Practices that use MPS earn on average 40% more monthly revenue.

Patient responsibility is increasing. Are you keeping up?

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve seen a significant increase in our patient receipts. MPS has generated $860,000 of additional revenue in less than a year.

We used to have 11 people answering phones every day all week and now only 2-3 people have to be in queue each day.

In the first six months with MPS, we drastically  reduced the amount of patient billing calls and netted more than $432,000 in additional revenue

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