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Practices using patient billing and patient A/R recovery service partners, like Millennia Patient Services, consistently double their patient A/R recovery rates. By taking a proactive approach to patient A/R, organizations have increased resources starting from day 1 of patient responsibility and receive on average 40% more monthly revenue. 

Put your organization to the test using our revenue calculator and see how much more revenue you can recover this year.


Attending HFMA ANI?

Visit us to learn more about how your practice can outsource the entire patient billing and patient A/R recovery process. Visit us at Booth #548 to:

  • Enter to win a Yeti premium soft-sided cooler
  • Have a cup of coffee on us with a $5 Starbucks gift card 
  • Learn more about how OrthoNY recovered more than $860,000 in less than a year with MPS

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