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We seamlessly integrate with numerous practice mangagement systems and also build custom reporting, file transfers and data exchanges

Our inbound call specialists are ready to answer patient calls Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am ET to 9:00 pm ET. We have extended hours so we can answer calls when your patients are off work. Patients can call and speak with a live knowledgeable patient service specialist immediately. We have less than a 1 minute hold time which means no waiting on hold or getting voicemail. Our outbound call specialists reach over 90% of a practice’s patient base.

Our patient service specialists are all medically trained, experienced, and HIPAA compliant. With integration into your practice management system, you can view detailed information about each patient account.  95% of patient questions are answered on the very first point of contact. If a question is more complex, our specialists research the question and provide a timely answer.

MPS provides a dashboard/portal in which you can see anything and everything happening with your patient balances. You can track patient A/R recovery and view the different statuses of a patient balance. All phone calls are recorded and all statements are located in our portal as well. Our goal is 100% transparency. These are your patients and we want to provide you and them with the best support possible.

MPS sets up a payment portal customized for your practice which is displayed on patient statements. The portal can also be linked from your website giving your patients the option to pay online with ease. This is included with your comprehensive MPS patient billing suite.

To ensure you are getting the best possible price for your organization, MPS will conduct a free patient A/R analysis for your group. Schedule this free consultation today.

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