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Increase Patient Satisfaction & Revenue –
Decrease Your Expenses & Workload

Our mission is to optimize the financial well-being of healthcare organizations
while simplifying complex healthcare expenses for patients.

We accomplish this goal by educating, informing, and providing solutions to patients; which in turn decreases the healthcare organization’s workload and expenses and increases their overall patient satisfaction and revenue.

The comprehensive MPS Patient A/R Clearinghouse solution includes the following:


Seamless PMS Integration

The MPS architecture was built to integrate with various types of practice management systems with little customization, enabling your virtual employees to know everything about each patient receivable. That is how we have hundreds of patient support representatives making outbound calls and taking inbound calls, all at the same time, without having hundreds of logins to your PMS. 

Patient Bill Scrub

Using advanced skip-tracing technology, we find and send statements to your patient’s most current address and demographic data is updated real-time through your MPS patient A/R clearinghouse. 


Patient Statements/eStatements

MPS sends and/or emails patients a series of colored, line-item detailed, easy-to-understand statements, with your logo. The statements are designed to reduce patient confusion about their balances. We also offer guarantor level statements that aggregate balances across locations, databases, and family members. To facilitate faster payment, statements include a pay-by-phone number (IVR), patient resource center URL, and an 800 number to talk to a live billing representative.

Patient Revenue Forecasting

As each batch of patient billings are sent through the patient A/R clearinghouse, you will be provided with accurate data not only how much will pay from each batch of patient billings, but when the revenue will come in.


Patient A/R Online Management

Patient A/R is aggregated and segmented by type in the MPS patient clearinghouse portal. Insurance re-billing is one example of this patient segmentation. As a result of talking to 90% of your patients, we find an average of 9% additional insurance revenue from updating and refiling insurance. This saves valuable staff time correcting inaccurate data and resubmitting claims. This is another great way revenue is enhanced utilizing MPS.

Patient Education & Communication Technology Tools

MPS results prove that informed patients pay. That’s why MPS uses technology to appeal to different types of patients and their behaviors.

  • Online Chat
  • Email
  • Patient Resource Center
  • Text & Email Notifications

Patient Support Team

We work nights and weekends, so you don’t have to! Dedicated billing representatives assist your patients, on your behalf. These virtual employees know everything about each patient receivable since the MPS Patient Clearinghouse is integrated with your PMS. This allows our team of experts to communicate with your patients in strategic and effective ways. Reaching out to patients and resolving issues as they come up removes the barrier to payment and significantly increases revenue. 

Custom Patient Payment Portal

MPS provides flexible and convenient payment options to make it easy for your patients to manage and pay their bills online.

Patients can:

  • View and pay bills online
  • Pay bills via phone (IVR)
  • Pay multiple bills in a single transaction
  • Link bills from related entities together to pay
  • Go paperless and receive e-statements
  • Pay by text
  • Schedule future payments

PMS Posting Lock Box Services

MPS integrates with most practice management systems seamlessly posting patient payment and adjustment data into the PMS. This automated process eliminates manual data entry saving valuable time and money.

Learn more about who we integrate with.

Inbound Patient Phone Calls


Patient education is our top priority.

Live support from multiple locations with wait time < 7.5 seconds. We have extended hours from 8 am – 9 pm EST. Call agents are HIPAA certified, medically trained and experienced in explaining patient balances.

Warm Patient Support. 

Our call agents take the time to explain EOBs and billing statements. We troubleshoot any insurance issues and billing inaccuracies and offer patients a variety of options to pay their bill. Patients feel more educated and informed with a friendly approach to answering their questions.

Detailed Patient Statements


MPS sends patients a series of practice branded, easy-to-understand statements that eliminates patient confusion about their balances. We even offer guarantor statements that aggregates balances across locations, databases, & family members. By managing patient billing from day 1, patients are more likely to pay sooner and we proactively keep them out of collections. 

Outbound Patient Phone Calls


We work nights and weekends so you don’t have to.

After two sent statements, our specialists call patients from local area codes and confirm statements are received, answer questions and educate on balances due.

We use a consultative and friendly approach. Our specialists are FDCPA and HIPAA certified and experts in medical processes. Our research shows that it takes an average of 17 phone call attempts before a payment is made. We work diligently on your behalf and reach 90% of your patients.

Return Mail Processing


We help you find missing patients using data scrubbing technology.

We receive and manage all un-deliverable statements.  Skip tracing finds the most current address for your patients. We resend statements to current addresses and demographic data is updated real-time on your MPS dashboard.

Insurance Re-Billing


We find you additional revenue.

As a result of talking to 90% of a practice’s patients, we find an average of 9% additional insurance revenue from updating inaccurate insurance data. MPS re-bills the insurance company, saving valuable staff time correcting inaccurate data and resubmitting claims. Updated insurance data is tracked on your real-time dashboard.

Flexible Payment Options


Convenient options for your patients to pay 24/7.

Our secure practice-branded patient portal allows patients to pay online, including: all credit cards, echeck and PayPal. If a patient is unable to pay their balance in full, we provide payment plan options using your pre-defined business rules. 

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