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Patients that don’t understand their bill, won’t pay.

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 As a result of not fully understanding their medical bills, many patients won’t pay the balance they owe! There are numerous reasons why this is so, all of which require communicating with the patient to educate, inform, and provide solutions.

This is easier said than done as you likely have hundreds if not thousands of patients, each on different healthcare plans, with different deductibles, with differences regarding pre-paid deposits, with different levels of medical understanding and sophistication, with different communication styles, and with different schedules; all trying to understand why they have a balance due when they pay such high premiums for their health insurance.

MPS results prove that informed patients pay. 

MPS provides not only the education and communication tools required for every type of patient, but also with a knowledgeable patient support team to respond utilizing the tools.  MPS educates & informs patients through the multiple communication channels.

Outbound Calls

For the Procrastinating Patient

Pay your bill online (4)

We work nights and weekends so you don’t have to.

On average, it takes 17 outbound call attempts before actually connecting with a patient. Can your staff handle this volume? Acting as virtual employees, our expert team makes outbound calls, using a local phone number with your caller ID, and confirms that statements were received, answers questions, and educates the patient on the balance due, We use a consultative and friendly approach. Our specialists are FDCPA and HIPAA certified and experts in medical processes. Calling on strategic days and times – 6 days a week, we reach 90% of previously unresponsive patients.

 Save time – No more patient billing calls!

The MPS patient A/R clearinghouse integrates seamlessly and safely with your practice management system. This enables MPS billing experts, acting as your virtual employees, to know everything about each patient receivable without needing a login to your PMS. Our live representative takes the time to explain the EOB and billing statement to the patient. They troubleshoot insurance issues and billing inaccuracies and offer a variety of payout options. Each call is recorded so you can listen to our professional representatives educate, inform, answer questions and take patient payments, on your behalf.

Inbound Calls

For the Proactive Patient

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Online Chat

For the Social Savvy Patient

Pay your bill online

We have a 5 star rating.

Our custom online chat reside on the Patient Resource Center and maintains a 5-star rating. Live representatives are available to provide immediate help to your patients, via chat, from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm EST. Questions that are answered via chat remove the  barrier to payment. Patients are then able to click the “Pay Now” button in the same portal and pay their bill. 

 Another convenient communication tool is email.

Patients receive quick email response to their emailed questions. Patients love the convenience of this communication style. Live representatives, armed with the information needed to help your patients, are available to email with your patients from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST. 


For the Busy Patient



For the DIY Patient


We make learning easy.

Patients want to figure it out themselves – so we give them the tools they need. Our custom online FAQ is catered specifically to YOUR patients featuring their most commonly asked billing questions and answers. Patients feel empowered as they access the information they are seeking. 

 A gentle nudge will do the trick.

Email and/or text reminders are sent to patients when a bill goes out with the link to view and pay the bill from their computer or phone. Studies show patients under forty prefer this method of communication. 

Text Reminders

For the Forgetful Patient


Inbound Patient Phone Calls


Patient education is our top priority.

Live support from multiple locations with wait time < 7.5 seconds. We have extended hours from 8 am – 9 pm EST. Call agents are HIPAA certified, medically trained and experienced in explaining patient balances.

Warm Patient Support. 

Our call agents take the time to explain EOBs and billing statements. We troubleshoot any insurance issues and billing inaccuracies and offer patients a variety of options to pay their bill. Patients feel more educated and informed with a friendly approach to answering their questions.

Detailed Patient Statements


MPS sends patients a series of practice branded, easy-to-understand statements that eliminates patient confusion about their balances. We even offer guarantor statements that aggregates balances across locations, databases, & family members. By managing patient billing from day 1, patients are more likely to pay sooner and we proactively keep them out of collections. 

Outbound Patient Phone Calls


We work nights and weekends so you don’t have to.

After two sent statements, our specialists call patients from local area codes and confirm statements are received, answer questions and educate on balances due.

We use a consultative and friendly approach. Our specialists are FDCPA and HIPAA certified and experts in medical processes. Our research shows that it takes an average of 17 phone call attempts before a payment is made. We work diligently on your behalf and reach 90% of your patients.

Return Mail Processing


We help you find missing patients using data scrubbing technology.

We receive and manage all un-deliverable statements.  Skip tracing finds the most current address for your patients. We resend statements to current addresses and demographic data is updated real-time on your MPS dashboard.

Insurance Re-Billing


We find you additional revenue.

As a result of talking to 90% of a practice’s patients, we find an average of 9% additional insurance revenue from updating inaccurate insurance data. MPS re-bills the insurance company, saving valuable staff time correcting inaccurate data and resubmitting claims. Updated insurance data is tracked on your real-time dashboard.

Flexible Payment Options


Convenient options for your patients to pay 24/7.

Our secure practice-branded patient portal allows patients to pay online, including: all credit cards, echeck and PayPal. If a patient is unable to pay their balance in full, we provide payment plan options using your pre-defined business rules. 

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