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Large Orthopaedic Group

38 physicians


21 physician extenders

Albany, NY
12 Locations


  • Complex billing processes after practice growth through merger and acquisition
  • Patient A/R at an all-time high
  • Only 2 employees focused on patient A/R recovery


  • Patient A/R recovery increased from 32% to 53%
  • $860,000 additional net revenue
  • Decreased statement costs by $96,000
  • Decreased staff costs by $49,000

Orthopedic Practice

15 physicians

12 physician extenders

Greensboro, NC
2 Locations


  • Significant time spent on managing and following up on patient receivables
  • Patient complaints about long phone wait times
  • Spending more than $48,000 annually on statement costs


  • Patient collections increased by more than $71,000 per month
  • Recovery rate increased from 22.7% to 52%
  • Redirects over 25,000 inbound calls
  • Decreased hours spent on sending invoices
  • Saves $4,000 a month on statement costs

Featured Testimonials

Gastroenterology Practice
12 providers | Germantown, TN

41% increase in patient A/R recovery

“In the three years we have been with MPS, our patient A/R recovery has gone up more than 41%. We can call at any time and get an immediate answer to any question we have. We can also log onto our secure portal through MPS and see exactly what is going on with each and every account. We couldn’t be happier.”

Urology Practice
37 providers | Jeffersonville, IN

$1 Million in additional revenue

“We netted more than $1 Million in additional revenue from our patient receivables the first year we outsourced patient billing to MPS. We are on track to net even more this year. This is the best outsourcing decision we have ever made.”

Large Eye Practice
16 providers | Atlanta, GA

10 additional FTEs

“Utilizing MPS’ pre-collection service is like having 10 additional FTEs. They contact far more patients than we ever could on our own, which saves us time and makes us money.”

Large Gastroenterology Group
15 providers | Birmingham, AL

Seamless integration 

“We consider MPS an extension of our billing department and a true partner. Their pre-collection suite has significantly increased our patient A/R revenue. Sending accounts to MPS is seamlessly integrated in our PMS and we love the visibility and reporting. Bottom line, we are extremely happy.”

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